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Commitment leads to actions.

Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality. I knew that week two would be the hard one as our course. I am a few days late. While I have never had to quit smoking or anything for that matter, I do know that it starts with a commitment. One thing that I did manage to feel like I did a good job over the past few years was committing to things. While my priorities on my commitments may have been off, I did find the determination and drive to make things happen that I sought. Even while the chaos in my life increased the one thing that I was able to stay focused on was my commitments. I may not have been committed to the proper words and goals in life, but I did engage and achieve the goals I set out for.

I do not know why, but for some reason committing to making sure that I updated this blog each week seemed like a tough commitment. Even over the last week or so, I tried to think about what I could write about this week, and the issue is that I believe I was thinking too hard. In the end, I keep forgetting that one little piece that is this is my blog, and if people do not like it, then tough.

So this week, I am turning my focus on committing to the right things in life. Last week, I set out the goals and commitments of the things that I wanted to achieve this week. As I review these outsides of not eating late, I did pretty well. It is funny how things work because had it not been for me damaging my phone I may have failed at another. I have been, and will always be a germ freak, but hey I do not get sick when others do. With this, I am regularly washing my phone a few times a week. Well, last week I somehow messed up the camera, and my phone got to sit and hang out in a bag of rice. It was because of this, I was able to achieve the other goal that I had of laying off my phone some, and it felt pretty damn good I will admit. So all and all I did well this week completing, even overachieving my goals. I made it a point each and every day to see that despite what was on my schedule, these goals were met. This week after the start of my change, I felt a sense of relief within myself. I believe that in all this I can work less and be more efficient in the things we focus on in our days. I promise to return with more content more next week, but for the commitment, I must hit publish now LOL.


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