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“Customer service should not be a department. It should be the entire company.”

Over the past few weeks, I have been evaluating the future of this industry as it continuers to change before our very eyes daily. Behind the scenes, I have been quietly evaluating not only what is best for my future, but what will position my company and me correctly in this industry for many years to come. In 2015, I started to notice a trend within our industry. Our industry was not just centered on what a company has to offer, but how their service was. When I evaluated what made us so good, I know outside of the people, it was the service. As I assessed the storage industry and spoke to several growers and shippers, I determined there were holes that someone with my vision and team could provide an instant entry into this segment. Therefore after much consideration and planning, Houston Cold Storage was born. When I created Houston Cold Storage, I crested a cold storage provider dedicated to the fresh produce industry and beyond. I created a service-based company that was a one-stop-shop for all the industry needs. Built by leadership and an executive team composed and layered with several years of production experience, there is no job we can not handle. We were and are currently the only ones in the segment who can cater to anyone that needs anything from product stored, re-worked, re-sold, re-stickered, or transferred. In just four short years, we have grown to one of the most extensive cold storage and logistics providers in the region, all by word of mouth. We have several temperature zones to ensure your product is stored and maintained at the proper temperatures. Whether your an importer, exporter, distributor, or just someone who is needing space to hold your products, we are the storage place for you. If you are possibly seeking bagging, re-packing, ripening, frozen storage, logistics, or anything logistics-related, we can assist you. We operate a 365/24/7 operation; our operation and service will not be outdone. 

Knowing the industry is food safety driven Houston Cold Storage is a full Global Food Safety certified facility. This ensures your products are always protected and traceable under the most current food safety guidelines. In addition to being a cold storage facility, Houston Cold Storage can repack, ripen, re-label, or recondition your products as well. We also can handle wine and liquor, as well as various proteins and other objects. The more that I dabbled into this segment, the more excited I became about the opportunity. I believed with my service background and the team behind me; I knew how much the storage industry could benefit from a new player entering this segment. With the expertise of my team and the dedication, we can provide on the service level. I know it is only a matter of time before we can expand this operation. Please check out the services currently offered by Houston Cold Storage, but as you can see, we are adding several new ones right away upon my transition. 

Beginning in 2020, Houston Cold Storage will offer the following services:

Houston Cold Storage has also now obtained a PACA license, which will allow us to, therefore, be able to recondition, handle, distribute, and even sell produce related items. In addition to these things, we have added the following services. 

- Through strategic alliances, we can now help with storage needs and distribution throughout the United States. 

- more logistic options which operate freight lanes and inbound and outbound of town. 

 - Dedicated freight division to utilize Houston Cold Storage as a consolidation point for various shipping points throughout the United States.

- Hot shot delivery services (either pick-up or drop-off) in the Texas area. Some examples of this is direct customer delivery or airport pickups, etc.

- Houston Cold Storage added several thousand more square feet of dry, refrigerated, and frozen space to be utilized for grower-shipper cross-docking, shipping, and storage services.

- Packing and bagging lines to help importer and growers pack and deliver to their customers' needs. 

When we combine these services with the services we are already performing daily, we feel that we can and will continue to set the bar even higher on what to expect from a cold storage facility. We are very excited about the future and the commitments that we have already received about these changes. Please check out a few of our links below.


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