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Keep Calm, Evolve, and Hakuna Matata

I am behind in this week's post, but while I have a great reason, I do not have an excuse. Last week was my 16th wedding anniversary, and I believe my wife has earned the right over the years to get some of my attention, if not all, of it. I have grown to know that the key to so many aspects of life and business is to evolve. If you think about life, in general, it is a continually changing process in everything we do. This past week, I was in an area of no cell phone service for quite a few hours. This reminded me of a prior time in life when I thought this was the end of the world. Now, I saw this time of no service as a blessing because, like everything else in life, I evolved. In the past, I would have feared to miss a call of some sort, but now I understand what is essential in life and realize that most calls can wait. Did the produce industry evolve, or did I grow and evolve on a personal level? I know that I developed because the produce industry, as well as the whole world through technology, has changed. We have become an "everything is a sense of urgency" world. I stress every day that the best companies in the world do not die based on the way they execute; they die because they do not evolve.

We live in a world now where if we do not continue to migrate and find our niche, then we will not survive. Everything in this world boils down to service. The product that we sell is just the bi-product of the service we provide each day to the customer. Service is also an area that evolves, and we have to continually find ways to offer more value to our customers on a service level. Business and life, in general, can be tough, but we must continue to evolve, migrate, and navigate our way through the twists and turns. I do, though, aside from enjoying the vacation, always enjoy the time after my vacation because I can hit the ground running. I like to use this time to gear up, unwind, and plan on the next stages of things.

This weeks read:

Cannery Row - By John Steinbeck


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