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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Our lives get so busy it is as if we seem never to have an off switch anymore. I remember Steve Jobs when nearing the end of his life explained that dying was like clicking a switch off on someone, and just like that, you are gone. For that reason alone, he never liked putting on/off switches on Apple products. He wanted to believe that the wisdom a person has accumulated in life would live on in some way. Also, he stated that his biological father turned him off, so he wanted to prevent anyone else from turning him off by creating a lasting product that will forever be with them.

With that said that I know more than anyone how busy life can be, but like Steve, I must understand and focus on how I want to leave my wisdom and knowledge onto my kids. I missed posting a blog last week, which made me realize I needed to trim privatize and focus more. I recently and have almost finished the book Atomic Habits, but I will save that discussion for next week. I will say this book helped me a great deal, and I can not wait to share it.

This week was all about my kids. My 7th-grade daughter came home upset because she didn’t make the basketball team, but she gave it her all. I know she was sad, not just because she did not make it, but also because she thought she had let me down. I told her I was more proud of her than ever. I told her that she is and will always a winner in my heart. Unfortunately, sometimes other people will be better at certain things in various aspects of life — the valuable lesson I wanted her to understand is always to give it her all. When I saw how upset she was, it showed me that she did, and that was all that mattered. I always have, through the years, tried to tell her that everything in life isn’t about winning or losing. The essential key to the ambitious tasks of life is giving each effort all that you have. I told her all week that as long as she gives it her all, then I would be happy. I explained that it was a key that she believes in herself, and tries her best. I told her this lesson applies to anything in life. We have to fall sometimes to stand up taller. I know that by the look on her face today, she now understands this concept. I know that it made her feel good, just seeing how proud I was of her for giving it her best. I also told her to read the famous story we all know about Micheal Jordan, and how he was cut from the team. There are so many stories just like it, and I’m proud to know she finally gets to learn this valuable lesson in life.


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