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The struggle ends when the gratitude begins...

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. I feel that was the theme this week. Each week as I have set up various goals to achieve both on a personal and work level, I have found that having and understanding gratitude is fundamental for achieving these goals. I had no idea at the time, but what I have been doing these past few weeks was called keeping a gratitude journal. I wish that I had known about this concept years ago. What is gratitude? I sought out this week to perform some substantial research and understanding on the topic. No matter what someone does for a living, whether it is selling lettuce, selling televisions, or teaching students, gratitude plays a role in every aspect of life. The products we offer are only a byproduct of the service and character we provide and provide to those around us. This week I turned a good deal of my time to researching and understanding the true definition of gratitude.

The truth comes down to we will never have more of the things we want until we are thankful for what all we have. I stress this to my kids every day, just how lucky they are. We battled this week over a $42.00 cup of something called a "hydro flask" that all the kids at school had. It seemed pretty expensive for a water bottle, no doubt. I had to explain to them the difference in needs vs wants. I was, of course, asked why I have some of the things I have of which I do not need. One of which was a toy wrestling ring in my office in which I quickly explained how it brings culture to the work environment. I also explained to them that well, unfortunately, we aren't all perfect, and yes, I do get things I may not need. However, I do not want to get off subject so let's get back to gratitude.

When we understand gratitude, we feel better and perform better in the things we do. We also can respond to the curveballs in life that are thrown at us if we understand there are worse situations in life as well as a larger picture. Prayer, in my opinion, can and is a vital piece of gratitude. Instead of starting and ending each day with the things I have failed to achieve or hope for I have chosen to use prayer as a way to stress the things in my life I am thankful to have. As I tell my kids each day, they should always enjoy the little things because in the grand scheme of it all one day they will look back and realize those were most likely the big things they may not have realized at the time. I will close you with a great quote that sums up gratitude and looking on the positive side of things. “Some people grumble that roses have thorns, but I am grateful that thorns have roses.”

Goals this week:

1. Enjoy a brief vacation with the family. We set this up a while back and I want it to really be memorable for everyone.

2. Try to post a second blog this week. While I am not sure on the pulse of these I do feel the content seems to be flowing easier and I can aim for two times a week.

3. This will stay on here until I accomplish it. I have failed three weeks in a row! DO NOT eat anything after 8 pm.

This weeks read:

Night - By Elie Wiesel (Read this as a child but I feel it is a must reread)


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