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God Bless Truckers

I was sent several pictures today of these images. The first thing I checked on upon seeing it was knowing the driver was ok, and he was thankful. I speak for the entire world and every product when I say that I wish that the world could, for one day understand things from a driver perspective. I also do not think the world truly knows how lost this world would be without truck drivers on the roads. Look around you every product to run every business at some point, touched a truck driver. How many times has anyone you know or even yourself said anything positive about a truck on the road? I can’t tell you all how good it makes me feel every time someone sends me a picture or compliments me about one of our drivers on the road. I pass these compliments on because I know that the average person only complains about trucks they never see the good.

I have always felt and said that truckers were one of the most highly underrated jobs in the world. They say goodbye to their families to supply the needs of yours. They are cut off, flipped off, and targets on the road daily. They risk their lives everyday driving in all forms of weather. Each day, their risks contain the bridge to some supply chain somewhere. They are often pushed and pulled on both ends by customers. They are, in a sense, always in a hurry to frequently sit and wait. They spend days on the road away from their families every year. The world is at their mercy. It could be anything from a cancer-curing drug they are transporting to pet products and everything in between. What I am saying is the world can’t be without them.

This blog entry today is a thank you and appreciation to all the truck drivers out there. We appreciate you. I hope that everyone who reads this will pass it on so that many others will thank a truck driver when they see one.


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