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Lighthouses help lead us the way through the dark....

We all hear about those times people experience when some tragedy happens, helping them realize that nothing else in the world matters. Our world hits a realization where everything becomes apparent with the true meaning of what's essential in life. Many of you have maybe been through this situation yourself or around those who have been. When these things happen, it puts many things into perspective. That call, email, text, or tv show you watch can all wait. Who cares how many likes or comments we have on a particular social media post, does social media or anything social even matter? None of it matters not a damn thing. When tragedy strikes or anything of revealing the real importance in our lives, it can all wait. Are there people or things that we dislike? Does it matter? What does it all matter if we lost everything that matters, and our entire life changed in a matter of a few seconds? Just about a week ago, I received one of those calls about a friend of mine whose child suddenly passed away tragically. A model kid that I could go on for hours about. These types of things always hit me deeply because while I have never experienced the pain, I have been around enough who have, and northing seem more painful in life than seeing then go on. What can we say? What can we do? How can we comfort them? In the end, nothing eases the pain. I look for the perfect words to say something to make their pain relax and make everything better, but, I realized that there was no answer. Bad things happen to good people. Rain always falls on the people who deserve nothing less than the sun. Many people want their space, sit, and have their quiet moments with God. This can be tough for caring people because we often find it challenging to sit back and see people in pain, not being able to help them. The common theme, no matter the type of funeral you attend is always the words "why them, why now, why so young." These answers we will never know and can only hope that one day the pieces line up despite the pain. I am confident to tell despite the pain my friend and his wife felt this last week and for years to come that one day, despite all the pain they will have endured, they will see the impact their son's life had on so many. I also believe his story will touch many souls and lives of which have not even have been born in this world yet. His light will reach many people for generations to come. The other question is a common one, and it is "why do these tragedies happen to good people", and unfortunately, laws of nature do not make exceptions for friendly people. A bullet has no conscience; neither does a malignant tumor or an automobile gone out of control. That is why good people get sick and get hurt as much as anyone.

Where I am going with part of this is that I know that this is a produce blog, and more times than others, I try to tie it back somewhere. No matter what it is we do, or what we sell at the end of the day; we must realize and always cherish the small things in life. Things can wait, people can expect, and life can wait. Enjoy the fact you got up today, breathing and alive. Sadly, bad things have to happen for us to stop and look around.” Count your blessings, enjoy your loved ones, be kind to a competitor, and thank God for waking up day. If we live this way, I can not promise you will not have regrets, but I can guarantee you that when if tragedy strikes, you will not have the regrets many have.


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3. Find a hobby to bond with my 12-year-old with, boy I hope she enjoys golf my handicap needs the extra practice.


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